Coaching Approach

Gain Clarity. Embrace Change. Get Results.

Our customized approach is practical, client-centered and founded on a strategic learning framework. The approach works well for individual, group and team coaching. We'll work together to understand your situation -- what's happening, what you want, what's working and what's getting in the way. Our coaching approach integrates 4 Factors to guide our work from insight to impact. 

4 Factor Coaching Approach

Personal and Business Outcomes

Identifying specific goals and determining what behaviors and relationships will support getting the results you want

Self and Organizational Awareness

Understanding individual, team and organizational factors that may help or hinder accomplish of your goals

Behaviors and Actions

Determining what you, and possibly others, can do differently to reach your goals and then putting those changes into practice  

Relationships and Interactions

Leveraging relationships to gain support, resolve conflicts and encourage collaboration in achieving your goals

Pulling It All Together

It all begins with an initial conversation about your goals and how we might work together to help you achieve them. Next, we'll focus on understanding what's going on and what needs to be addressed. Based on your needs, we'll design a customized coaching solution. Coaching activities usually take place over several months and encourage embracing new ways of thinking and acting. We'll track progress, measure results and help lay the foundation for sustaining and continuing growth after the coaching engagement ends.