Nothing succeeds like success. Get a little success, and then just get a little more.

— Maya Angelou

Here is a sampling of what clients have said about their coaching experience. ...

It has been a privilege to have an executive coach like you. I will miss having someone to share my accomplishments with and getting the inspiration I need to take the next steps.

Manager, Information Management

It was really a pleasure to work with you. I have more direction and confidence now than I ever thought I would, and I am truly grateful for your help and guidance in reaching this point.


Consultant, Financial Services

You are a great coach for introverts, like me, who want or need to get out of their comfort zone in their interactions with other people.

PhD Candidate

Gail's approach is collaborative, informative, transparent and inclusive. She properly assessed the situation and quickly recommended an appropriate solution. She quickly gained the respect and confidence of everyone involved. I would hire Gail again to work with me on other assignments.


Director, Human Resources

Words can't express my gratitude for all the support and encouragement to do the uncomfortable things that are most important to growth and career advancement. Can't say "Thank You" enough!

Sr. Manager, Communications

Your questions were thoughtful and insightful causing me to really examine my plans, actions, and manner of thinking.  Hugely helpful!

Manager, Operations