Team Performance

Create high performing teams by focusing on synergy and capability.

A team is more than a group of individiuals, it's a group of people working together to achieve a shared goal.

Teamwork: Simply stated,

it is less me and more we.  

― Anonymous

Teamwork is woven into the fabric of doing business. High performing teams deliver great results, but most teams are not high performing. Every team brings together a uniquie mix of people who are expected to acheive shared business goals. People can struggle to work together, leading to problems that will sabotage their success. 

Team performance depends on many factors and is highly influence by:

  • collaboration and cultural norms 
  • alignment around a common mission or purpose
  • how the team overcomes challenges

Positive Team Practices...

  • Clarity of purpose, goals, roles and responsibilities
  • Direct and frequent communication
  • Trust to encourage courageous conversations and actions 


  • Constructive approaches for resolving conflicts
  • Clear and efficient decision making processes
  • Team accountabiliy and shared responsibility for actions and results
  • Diversity of experience, thinking and backgrounds
  • Resilence when facing change and setbacks
  • Mutual respect and camaraderie

Our Team Coaching...

  • Follows a proven model that has helped thousands of teams achieve on average 20% improved team performance
  • Focuses on how the team functions as a whole
  • Uses an assessment to reveal current strengths and weakness of the team as a whole rather than assessing individual team members 
  • Engages all team members in defining the goals and creating the road map for improving performance and achieving business outcomes
  • Helps teams identify strengths, address challenges, anticipate problems, sustain progress and reach business goals
  • Provides on-going support as the team works to strengthen its capabilites and drive results -- much more effective than a team building event 

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